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2021 goals

After what was definitely a rough year for everyone, I wanted to set myself something to look forward to in the coming new year and what better way to do that than to create a new vision board for 2021. The new year will be very unpredictable, however, I have created this vision board on the basis of positive thinking that at some point in the next 12 months, the world will return to normality. If not, I have already created my goals for 2022, so saves me some thinking next year.

Although I did manage to get some travelling in before the world went into hibernation mode, it was nowhere near as much as I had planned so a lot of my new year goals are travel related, fingers crossed this will be allowed again soon. Still, I am thankful for being able to travel to both New York and Barcelona in the space of a month, not many people would have had that oppurtunity.

Anyway, focusing on the next 12 months, here is a copy of my vision board, let me talk you through it.

Starting in the top right hand corner and working our way along, we have a photo of a plane, if you look closely there is a person standing on the wing, I chose this because ever since my skydive last year I have wanted to do something crazy like that again and so I have chosen to do a wing walk. Next we have another image of a plane, however this represents flying lessons that I am thinking about taking. I think it'll be so cool to actually be able to fly one of those things (of course after I learn to drive a car for family members who keep reminding me). Following that we have a photo of Venice, I was actually supposed to travel to venice in March with friends but like a lot of people this trip was cancelled because of covid and because I never got a chance to go, I thought I should rescheduele to 2021. Next is a photo of hikers, I'd quite like the chance to go either hiking or on a roadtrip to somewhere with incredible views. Greece is next, despite my love for city breaks I think a well deserved beach getaway is in order. The photo of the three girls represents friends, me and my friendship group have quite a few travel plans in place such as Poland and a beach trip both with lots of alochol included ;). Working our way onto the next line, the camper van is a big dream of mine, which I don't expect to be completed next year but I wanted to include it to remind me to save for it. The dream being, I buy a camper van, preferably one like in the photo, convert it and take a road trip around both the UK and Europe. Now, I know I have already visited Paris but I absolutely love the city and am dying to visit it again so the Eiffel Tower makes an appearance here too. The map is pretty self explanatory, it just represents me crossing off a bunch of new travel destinations from my list. The next is a photo of a blonde and brunette girl which represents me and my best friend Karolina, I cannot wait to go and visit her family back in Poland so that is why I chose this photo. The next is another photo of Greece but this time it represents more of the towns than the beach (as I said I love a city break). The next is a photo taken in Germany, I love undiscovered places that most tourists don't see and what a photo to describe that. You'd never expect this to have been taken in Germany. Now, how cool would it be to swim in these pools in the next photo? That's why this is on my list. Disneyland HAS to be on my list, I love Disney and was gutted I didn't visit when I went to Paris last, I will be sure to visit next time. The deck chair and hat represent the need for a beach holiday as mentioned earlier. The puppy is so cute and before my mum moans, no I don't want another dog (well I do but), this is more about rescuing street dogs, I have absolutely no idea how I will do this yet all I know is that I feel a need to do SOMETHING so that's why I put this here, BALI now that would be insane, if I only manage to get one holiday in next year I beg that it is Bali.

That pretty much sums up the extent of my vision board. As you can tell its either travelling or saving up to travel. I've felt so unhappy at not having another holiday booked, due to the uncertainty of restrictions, that as soon as we are allowed I will be on the next flight to anywhere.

Here's to a 2021 and a better year.

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