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48 Hours In Prague

My friend Lauren and I had a very unorganised, last minute getaway to Prague. It was one of my favourite trips so far, a lovely relaxing break for the both of us.

However, the part of the journey in England was not so straight forward. We decided to get the train to London Waterloo the night before our flight, then a National Express coach to Stansted Airport and sleep there until our flight departed. We made it to London Waterloo coach station at about midnight to catch the 00:35 coach to Stansted. We had no coats as the weather in Prague was forecast to be around 28°C. The 00:35 coach never arrived and we were stuck waiting till 01:35am, till another coach turned up. That wasn't a good start to our holiday as we were both tired and cold and in the middle of a street in London which didn't feel safe at all. When we finally arrived at Stansted we were expecting relatively comfy seats that we could sleep on but instead we had seats made of wooden planks to sleep on. As you can expect this was rather uncomfortable and neither of us got much sleep at all. At 4am we decided to grab a Spoons breakfast and had scrambled egg on toast, which honestly was the best scrambled egg I have ever had that early in the morning. Once we got on our flight at 8am, we both slept right the way through till when we landed in the Czech Republic.

Day 1

When we landed in Czech we met our transfer in the arrivals area, Lauren got very excited to see someone holding a board with her name on. We had booked onto a shuttle transfer to our hotel, so were expecting a mini bus/coach full of other tourists dropping us all at our different hotels, however, the driver took us to a fancy Audi and it was just the two of us. For the £18 we spent for a return transfer, this was a great surprise! We booked our transfer as a bundle included within the holiday itself and do recommend the transfer service: HTN group s.r.o. They were both great drivers that were very helpful on the return journey when neither of us knew which terminal our flight was departing from, so I definitely recommend using them as your transfer service in Prague.

As you can imagine, we were both incredibly tired after about 30 hours of barely any sleep and travelling, that we just wanted to collapse into bed when we got to the hotel. We did arrive a bit early and so couldn't check in till about 2 hours later, so we walked up the road to the nearest McDonald's and got some food and drink. On the way back we stopped at a shop to get some more food and drink for our hotel room. I couldn't believe how cheap the drink was there: A 1.5L bottle of red coke cost us 36 czech koruna which is equal to about £1.25 which in the UK this coke would be about £2 so it's quite a lot cheaper than in the UK.

Once we checked into the hotel we slept for a good few hours, freshened up and went out to explore at around 7pm. We figured out how to work the metro system and purchased a 24 hour metro pass for 110 Czech Koruna which is about £3.80. There are no barriers in Prague like there is in the UK, only people on the platforms randomly checking tickets. We didn't know how to validate our tickets until the next day and so got more use out of our tickets than we were supposed to. At that time in the evening, I don't think there were any ticket officers on duty so we managed to get away with not validating our tickets. I wouldn't recommend doing this, you simply validate your tickets by placing the ticket in the stands you walk past to get down to the metro system. It simply stamps the time and date onto your ticket so the officers know when your ticket runs out. We did manage to keep our 24 hour tickets for the whole 3 days of our trip (Tuesday evening - Thursday mid day). Do not try this as I do not know what the consequence will be of being caught with an invalidated ticket and wouldn't want you to be fined or something if you visit Prague.

We then ventured up to the old town square where I tried a German Sausage hot dog and one of Prague's famous beers. I wasn't massively impressed with the beer as it had a nasty aftertaste, don't let this put you off as I'm sure it was either because it was a street food stand or that I'm just not used to a proper ale. The German hot dog was really good however.

Prague's famous beer

We then went and saw the astronomical clock chiming on the hour, this area was quite crowded though so we didn't stay long enough to get any great photos.

Astronomical clock

After this we took a walk up to the Charles bridge where we watched the sunset.

Sunset on the Charles bridge

Then we took the metro back to our hotel and had a well deserved sleep.

Day 2 (our only full day)

We tried to wake up at 9am but both of us slept through the alarm and got up an hour later instead. We took the metro up to Prague castle. I recommend taking water with you when going to the castle as you have to walk uphill and there is a lot of stairs. We made the mistake of not having ate or drank anything that day and walking up the steep hill in about 28°C heat. At the top there's a great little shop that does all kinds of drinks from water to alcohol to freshly squeezed orange juice and it has a great photo spot so you will have the city of Prague in the background.

The great photo spot at Prague Castle

The great photo spot at Prague Castle

The castle was so beautiful and not that busy, you were able to get good photos without boat loads of tourists in the background. Whether this was because we went just out of season and mid week I don't know, but the whole city seemed really quiet.

Prague Castle

After this, we went back down to the John Lennon wall via Thunovská street, which is super cute street (Disclaimer: it isn't this pink I have edited it to make the colours pop a little bit more).

Thunovská street

John Lennon wall

John Lennon wall

Then we went back over the Charles bridge before doing some souvenir shopping around the old town square. The souvenirs were quite expensive at about 99 Czech Koruna each which is about £3 each for a little fridge magnet but they are cute and a must have buy for any holiday. I also bought myself some cute sandals from H&M for £5.99, that I will definitely wear for my next beach holiday.

When we went back to the hotel we decided to get a cocktail each from the local shop so we both got a 'sex on the beach' and headed back for the night.

Day 3

We didn't have much time before we had to get our transfer back to Prague airport at 2pm, so we decided to make the most of our metro passes and go and do some last minute shopping back at old town square, grab some lunch and then head back to go home.

Overall, I had an amazing short getaway and definitely would recommend Prague as a place to visit. It seemed incredibly safe, a lot safer than I would feel in a city such as London. It was quiet and very relaxing. I would say you don't need to visit Prague for much longer than a weekend, perhaps if you stayed longer you could visit Prague zoo as well. There isn't too much to do in Prague so you can definitely see it all in 2 or 3 days. The entire holiday including flights, hotel and airport transfers cost us £127 each for 2 nights (18th-20th June) as we booked through holiday pirates which is an incredible app that sources holidays that have select dates at a reduced price! It is 100% legit as you can see, so if you're wanting to go on holiday but think it is too expensive, think again. This was one of the best holidays I have been on and was only £127! The hotel was about 500m from the nearest metro station which takes two metro lines (2 stops) to get to the centre of Prague, we were lazy and got the metro but it would take you about half an hour to walk from the hotel to the bridge and then another 15 minutes to walk from the bridge to the castle. So I would definitely recommend this hotel for a central stay in Prague. I will link the hotel, transfer website and holiday pirates website below for you.

Hotel - Amigo City Centre Hotel.

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Airport transfer - HTN group s.r.o

HolidayPirates - cheap travel deals