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50 Things To Do At Home

So, the current situation is quite uncertain and seems to be causing an unprecedented amount of panic among the general population. To me this is understandable, as no one likes to be told what to do and being stuck at home for the foreseeable future could make us all go a little bit stir crazy. However, I am here to prove to you that it's not the end of the world! There are plenty of things to do at home that will keep you productive and away from boredom. No matter what your age, there will be plenty of things for you to do in this blog whilst we are all stuck at home.

1. Bake

There are plenty of recipes out there for cakes, pastries and sweet treats. So why not give it a go, perhaps have a baking competition between family members. You could even bake with friends via facetime or similar. This is a great activity to do with your kids too, it not only teaches them life skills but they have fun in the process!

2. Watch TV

The same evening we were told to stay inside, Disney made their new app Disney+ available in the UK. You can start with a 7 day free trial or pay £59.99 or £5.99 per month. If you are a huge Disney fan like me then this is the app for you! It has a huge variety of Disney movies including the most recent cinema additions! A great investment that will keep kids and big kids entertained for hours! There's also regulars like Netlfix that are great for binge watching your favourite series. I would recommend: prison break, Friends, Friday night dinner, You, gossip girl and Luther.

3. Read

I know reading isn't everyone's cup of tea and most of us didn't have the time to read during our everyday lives but what better time to pick up that book you bought ages ago that has been sitting on your bedside table for god knows how long! One of my goals this year was to start reading more but I just didn't know what book to start with. I came across this book club on Instagram called 'Beth's book club' that had been created by one of my favourite bloggers. She picks 1 book per month (2 a month during this time) for everyone to read. I've been a part of this group for 3 months now and there hasn't been a single book I didn't like. Her Instagram is @bethsbookclub_ and the Facebook group is called ' Beth's book club' . Books I recommened: 'A man called Ove' , 'A spark of light' , 'the tatooist of Auchwitz' and 'The flat share'

4. Make a mood board

This is something I love doing as you get to be as creative as you want. You can make seasonal mood boards or a yearly mood board, the choice is yours. It is basically a collection of images that represent what you want to achieve or quotes you need to live by etc. You can make a digital copy as a word document or power point slide or cut and stick images to create a physical copy. Pinterest is a great platform to find all kinds of images. I created mood boards for my travel goals, personal qualities (quotes) and what I want my future to look like.

5. Plan your trips for the future

Obviously the travel restrictions in place at the minute make it difficult to put any solid travel plans into place. However, there are no reasons as to why you can't plan trips you would like to go on once this is all over. It creates something for you to look forward to, a light at the end of the tunnel. I will post a new blog soon showing you all how I plan my trips, so hopefully this will help you plan yours!

6. Clean out

What better time to get rid of all the clutter in your house! With so much spare time you can throw away or donate all the things you no longer need! I will be doing a massive clean out of my bedroom in the next few days as there's so much stuff I just don't use.

7. Dog walk

If you have a dog then this allows you to get out of the house a bit more. Take your dog for a nice long walk round a field near you. A bit of fresh air will do you good! Perhaps even go on a family walk!

8. Create a blog or YouTube channel

If you've always wanted to create a blog and love writing then there's no better time than now! Blogging is super easy and has a very low startup cost! There are plenty of free sites for you to get started such as blogger or wordpress. If you're a little more serious about it, how about creating your own website? I started mine with wix but there are so many other platforms that will host your site for you such as squarespace and simplesite. Or create your own YouTube channel, both of these ideas can earn you money in the long run too and keep you entertained for hours. There is a link to my YouTube channel on the home page.

9. Manage your finances

I decided to create a spreadsheet showing my wage each month and how many bills come out, how much they are and what date they come out every month. Then I split the rest of my money between two savings accounts, one for things I can't afford on my wage (travel, technology or branded clothing) and the second for a house (ISA). Then what was left was my disposable income that I can spend on food, days out, travel expenses to work and any other miscellaneous things I buy throughout the month.

10. Learn a new language

Being able to speak multiple languages is so beneficial, I think it's such a shame that the UK doesn't implement learning new languages as much as other countries do with learning English. This is a good way to keep your brain active instead of turning it to mush over the next few weeks. Babble or Duolingo are both great apps that offer many different languages for you to learn. I'm currently relearning the German I learnt at school.

11. Learn a new skill

Perhaps a musical instrument you've always wanted to learn but never had the time to. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to play the guitar or keyboard for example. Or perhaps learn some more football skills in your garden etc. This will also keep you fit and gives you some daily exercise.

12. Yoga/Meditation

This is especially good for those of you struggling with your mental health throughout these next weeks, yoga and meditation can relax you and just take you outside your thoughts which will be a godsend for you all! Try the apps Calm or Headspace.

13. Go for a run

Challenge your family members for a run. Maybe even start a couch to 5K course! This is going to keep you fit and get you outside some more.

14. Cook different meals

Update your meal plan by trying different recipes, I definitely need to focus more on this as I would quite happily eat chicken and rice everyday! There's so much variety in meals you could do a different recipe every evening!

15. Start home workouts

My sister has started doing these in the living room and I am going to start joining in. Get some music on and work out with your siblings or parents. It doesn't have to be intense just half an hour of exercise to keep you moving.

16. Organise the photos on your phone

This is a big one! I know that my camera roll is a big mess I have so many unwanted screenshots and photos I just don't need anymore. Try clearing you camera roll and organising the photos into albums on your phone, by people or places etc.

17. Wardrobe clear out

How many clothes in your wardrobe do you not even wear anymore? I know I definitely have loads, so clear out all your unwanted clothes and donate them to charity or sell them. Let's get ready for all the summer clothes we are going to buy for all the holidays we will go on when this is all over!

18. Ring family members you don't see

My entire family live in Manchester a good 3+ hours away from where I live so I don't get to see them as often as I would like. Now is a good time to have a good catch up with all those family members you don't live with. Especially grandparents who are going to be struggling in this time, just give them some positivity in their day.

19. Facetime dates

The one thing I will struggle with is not being able to see my partner for god knows how long and I know many people will be in the same boat. So arrange a time each night that you can Facetime each other, you can do all sorts whilst on Facetime. Each cook a meal, grab a glass of wine and sit and have a Facetime date. When this is all over fellas, treat your partner to a proper date!

20. Karaoke

Get singing! Bring everyone together and have a good old karaoke night with your family

21. BBQ

The weather is starting to perk up again, so grab some chicken, burgers and kebabs from the supermarket and have a nice BBQ with your family in your garden!

22. Plan a family reunion

When this is all over, get everyone together and I mean EVERYONE at your local pub and celebrate our freedom!

23. Create playlists

Whatever music streaming service you use, spotify, apple music etc create music playlists for anything you can think of. For example: Car playlist, sad songs, happy songs, rave music, calming songs. There can be playlists for almost anything!

24. DIY

Finish all the DIY work in your house, re-decorate the living room, build that shelf you've left in the box since Christmas. Start making the house into a home.

25. Start a scrapbook

I have a scrapbook for all my travels but you can create a scrapbook for almost anything. I think memories are the best thing to do as you can make it as personal as you like. Use a printer to print out images or cut and stick them from magazines etc.

26. Board games

Find the old board games stuck in your loft or in that cupboard you never use and have a family board game night! Play monopoly, uno, bingo etc. This is great for adults with children as they'll want to play for hours.

27. Put together a puzzle

When you have a lot of time on your hands you can get started on that 1000 piece puzzle. It'll take your mind of boredom and when you've completed it you'll feel very satisfied.

28. Build a fort

Great for kids! The couch cushions and blankets are perfect for building a fort, then get some snacks and watch some movies in your giant wonderland!

29. Learn a dance

Download tiktok (controversial I know) and learn one of the trending dance moves. Get your family involved if you can!

30. Play video games

If you have an Xbox, PlayStation or Wii then get playing some games, this will keep you entertained for hours you'll wonder where all the time went!

31. Download an audiobook

If you have no physical books then download an audiobook app such as audible or scribd. There are thousands of books and many free ones too! This will make hours fly by!

32. Take a bubble bath

Now is the time to use up all the lush bath bombs you've had since Christmas! Fill up the bath and relax with some nice music or a good book.

33. Create and maintain a skincare routine

Looking after your skin is going to be very important with all the stress and uncertainty the next few weeks are going to bring, so find some good skincare products or put on a face mask and take care of your skin!

34. Start journalling

Jot down your thoughts in a physical journal if you have one, if not there are some great journalling apps such as reflecty or mood app. Write down 3 things your grateful for, plan the rest of your day so that you have something to do and to keep productivity levels high. It will help you keep calm and relaxed during these times and will mean you always have something to do each day.

35. Gardening

While the weather is nice get outside in your garden, plant some flowers or fruit and vegetables and freshen up your outdoor space. With plenty of time on your hands you could even venture into some abstract planting such as pumpkins or incredibly tall sunflowers!

36. Have a back garden picnic

Take your lunch outside, grab some fruit and enjoy a little bit of vitamin D. This means you can eat healthy and get outside instead of being stuck in the same 4 walls for hours on end. A glass of wine won't hurt either!

37. Go for a bike ride

Take your bike and go for a ride, get some exercise and explore your surroundings.

38. Scavenger hunt

A great way to entertain the kids, hide some treats and set them off with some clues. Sit back and relax while they hunt for hidden things.

39. Get creative

There are plenty of creative things to make with so many ideas on pinterest. You can turn regular household items into works of art and they're all right under you very nose. A great way to entertain yourself and the kids.

40. Have a water balloon fight

While the whether is nice or if you're brave enough when it isn't very nice! Grab some balloons, fill them with water and go crazy!

41. Play charades

This game has been around for ages and it never gets old, there are charade games already made or download the app ' heads up'. Or create your own version by getting each family member to write down ideas and pick them at random.

42. Wash the car

With most car cleaning places shut, get out and do it yourself!

43. Have hot chocolate

Go crazy with the whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles etc. Have a competition to see who can get the biggest spiral of whipped cream!

44. Create a bucket list

We need something to look forward to so what better way than creating your own bucket list. It could be anything from a travel bucket list, your bucket list for this year, 50 things to do before you die, anything, the options are endless

45. Make some lists

I love lists, you can make lists for anything! I recommend making a list each night for the following day, so you always have something in place that you can get on with, keeping you busy. Make a list of places you want to go when we are able to go out, make a list of people you want to see, things you want to save up for etc.

46. Take some online courses

There are many websites that allow you to take a free online course to expand your knowledge of something. This will enable you to keep your brain active and there's nothing to lose with learning something new!

47. Start an Instagram page for your pet

Loads of people have pages for their pets, you'll be entertaining yourself by taking cute photos but also entertaining others by posting the cute photos!

48. Help your kids study

Help teach them new skills whilst they're being home schooled, you might even learn something new yourself!

49. Learn sign language

What a fun skill to have, learn the basics of sign language and teach it to your kids too.

50. Enjoy some downtime

And finally lets simply enjoy these next few weeks of being at home. Although it isn't how we all planned 2020 to go, it is what it is and it won't be long before we are all back to work again wishing for another break. Spend time with your family, learn something new, relax from the stress of the outside world, work and money. Just enjoy this time and make the most of it!

Stay safe xx