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72 Hours In Barcelona

For my birthday this year, me and Ryan decided to go to Barcelona for a few days. We booked the trip through Holiday Pirates which cost us £110 each including flights, hotel and airport transfers.

We stayed at Hotel Laumon which is a great hotel and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit Barcelona. It's very cheap however, the rooms and lobby look very cute and modern and have everything you need. It's located slightly outside of the city centre but only a short 2 minute walk to the metro and within a 15 minute metro journey of all the best things to do in Barcelona.

Day 1

When we arrived in Barcelona we took the train and metro to our hotel as we didn't realise we had booked an airport transfer and were very confused when we were given details of our transfer back to the airport at our hotel. We bought he 72 hour Hola BCN ticket which cost us 24 euros. For the rest of the day we didn't do too much as we were shattered from travelling so early in the morning and just decided to go to the shop and buy some bits and pieces for our hotel room. That evening we also planned our entire trip as we had been very unorganised and hadn't planned anything before we left. Typical.

Day 2

We had originally planned to visit Park Guell this day but it was a bit cloudy and the next day had a sunny forecast so we decided to swap our days around a bit. Instead, we got the metro via L1 to the Arc De Triomf that was built as a gateway to the 1888 World Fair and passes over the promenade leading to Ciutadella Park. It is of very similar design to the Arc de Triomph in Paris. If you want a quieter photo of this monument try getting there early in the morning or standing against one of the poles located just in front and either side of the Arc de Triomf.

Once we were finished at the Arc de Triomf, we walked down the promenade towards Ciutadella Park and even though it was only February, the walkway was full with people making huge balloons and selling souvenirs, the promenade is surrounded by great architecture and palm trees which sounds like an odd combination but it looked insane. Ciutadella Park was beautiful and even though we weren't planning on ending up there we did and I would definitely recommend visiting it on your trip to Barcelona. There is an incredible fountain and castle like monument in the centre which is great for photo opportunities, I took them in front on the fountain and on the stairs at the side of the monument and they were my favourite photos of the trip! Opposite the fountain there's a small stand where you can sit down and have a drink in front of the fountain, which would be very busy in summer but definitely worth the views.

After we had finished exploring the park, we headed to the Sagrada Familia which is an unfinished Roman Catholic minor basilica. This again is incredibly busy and my advice is to always try and visit popular tourist attractions as early as you can as they get very busy during the day. If you walk away from the Sagrada Familia you will come to a bench opposite an opening in the trees where you can take great photos with the basilica in the background. You are able to purchase tickets to go inside the Sagrada Familia however, we chose not to.

That evening, back at the hotel, we ordered huge pizzas for us both and chilled out.

Day 3

This was our last day in Barcelona and we went to Camp Nou, the Barcelona football stadium for Ryan as he deserved a treat after being my designated photographer the entire trip. We spent a good hour or so walking round the entire stadium which I would definitely recommend to any football fans out there that are heading to Barcelona. The stadium tour only cost 26 euros and you get a lot of access for your money.

After the stadium tour, we visited Park Guell which is the thing I was most excited for on this trip. I simply wanted a photo in front of the wall with the funky coloured tiles. Tickets cost around 10 euros and included a bus transfer to the park from Alfons X metro station. We spent a good few hours just walking through the park. The park is free to enter however, you must purchase the ticket if you want to go down to the Instagram famous wall.

To end our trip we headed back to the hotel to collect our things and found our transfer back to the airport. It’s safe to say this was probably one of my best city trips I’ve been on. Barcelona is a stunning city, which took me by surprise. There’s so much greenery. Next time I visit I will be sure to visit the beach there as we didn’t get a chance to do so on this trip. I definitely recommend Barcelona for your next city break. It's stunning and you will not be disappointed!

Other photos from our trip

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