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Best Photo Spots In NYC

NYC is the ultimate Instagram dreamland, this concrete city is filled with photo opportunities everywhere you go. I honestly think the best way of photographing the city is to just walk, you are bound to find a cute cafe or some pretty greenery somewhere to really bring your Instagram account to life. However, here are a list of amazing spots to take some fantastic shots.

1. Brooklyn Bridge

This is the number one tourist destination, so in order for you to get the best shot, you're going to have to get there very early so that you can have the bridge all to yourselves.

2. Empire State Building

The perfect tourist selfie is one standing at the top of the empire state building with the New York skyline in the background, it doesn't get better than this!

3. The New York Skyline

The New York skyline is one not to be missed, the concrete jungle will take your breath away with insane views from both the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock.

4. Central Park

Now, there are so many places in central park to take great photos, one of my favourites is on rat rocks. Here you have not only the view of the NYC buildings in the background but also the bow bridge too. Other places in central park that definitely shouldn't be missed are the castle, bow bridge and anywhere you happen to stumble across when taking a stroll.

5. Brooklyn Heights

This one is for those of you who would rather showcase your photography skills on Instagram rather than countless selfies. Brooklyn Heights is home to some of the most beautiful brown stone buildings in New York. Definitely worth a visit!

6. Statue of Liberty

The most photogenic place of them all - the Statue of Liberty. Again, this is perhaps not as easy to take selfies in front of due to the size of the monument, however if you're lucky enough to see her with a beautiful sunset or sunrise, she makes the perfect addition to your Instagram feed.

7. The subway

Probably the most difficult place to get a photo for your Instagram, but also probably the most typical NYC photo. My tips would be to try and get on the subway really early in the morning to get a quiet carriage or visit the NYC transit museum where you can take photos in all kinds of different subways with no one else in them!

Check out my NYC travel vlog on my YouTube channel!

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