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Get To Know Me - Part 1

Time to get a bit personal, I thought that I've created this whole social media presence without everyone really knowing who I am. So, I've decided to write a post completely about me answering 100% honestly. This is just part 1 as there’s so many more questions that I could answer so I’ll write another post for you to read at a later date.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Stockport, Manchester and lived there until I was 2 and a half. All my family lives there apart from my immediate family who I moved with. When I was two and a half we moved to Basingstoke. People never believe me when I say I was born in Manchester because I don't have a northern accent. I lost the accent when I was in primary school which is annoying because I love the accent. I don’t get to visit family that often because it’s so far away but I don’t think I’d ever move back simply because this is where I have grown up and where my life is if that makes sense.

Who was your first best friend?

My first best friend was Chloe, we have known each other ever since I moved here and I believe we met at a baby group where our parents became friends. We are still best friends now after about 17 years! We actually went to NYC together earlier this year.

How tall are you?

I actually don't know the answer to this one, I never measure myself but I'd roughly say about 5"7 but I'm not 100% certain on that one.

Dogs or cats?

I've 100% got to say dogs for this one, I love cats if they're lap cats but I've always grown up around Labradors and plan on having a lot of dogs when I have my own house. I personally love Australian Sheppard dogs, they're the cutest things I've ever seen. I love animals so much though, i plan of having a farm when I’m older so I can have all sorts, i especially want a fluffy duck.

What year were you born?

I was born on the 2nd January 2001, so that makes me 19 at the time I am writing this.

Did you go to Uni?

I decided not to go to uni, there were many factors that stopped me from going but ultimately I just couldn't be bothered. I would've taken criminology if I did go and was torn between Southampton Uni and York Uni. All I knew was that I loved travelling and just wanted to do that so I thought I'd take a gap year and make the most of it. So much has happened and I'm only about halfway through. I've been to Prague, New York and Barcelona, moved to London and started getting brand deals through my Instagram. Maybe I will post a blog about what I plan to do on my gap year?

Favourite perfume?

Anyone that knows me knows I have a specific perfume that is 'my' smell apparently. I wear Burberry her (the pink bottle) .All my friends call it the Kim perfume.

What sports do you play?

I've never been into sports, I used to be a dancer and have so many certificates and trophies from when I did that but I have a lot of issues with my lungs so I had to stop a few years ago and haven't been able to take it up again. I honestly miss dancing so much which is why I love a good night out with Tom, my dance partner!

What is your favourite movie?

Bambi! I have no idea why I just love this movie so much. My favourite type of movies are either Disney or disaster movies. So you can bet that I am obsessed with the new Disney+ app that’s just been released. I need to plan a trip to Disney ASAP.

Are you single or taken?

Taken, I’ve been with Ryan for a while and although he’s a bit annoying, he does make me very happy. He’s my designated photographer on all my trips and actually does quite a good job at it too. We are very similar personality wise and always having a laugh which is why I think we work so well. He definitely puts up with a lot of my stubbornness and manages to stay calm when I’m going off on one, so I’m very grateful for him. He’s so supportive in everything I do and what I guess I’m trying to say is that I do love him a lot. Apologies for the cringe.

How many siblings do you have?

I have 1 younger Sister, Mel. I swear she thinks she’s about 21 even though she’s only 14. She’s very funny but knows exactly how to wind me up. She thinks shes the favourite child but in reality it’s me.

What's the craziest thing you've done?

I think I've got to say the skydive I did last year. That was pretty crazy but I'd definitely do it again! If you're considering doing one, definitely do! I have a blog post about my experience on my website too.

Do you have any pets?

We currently have a dog called Max, he's a chocolate Lab and incredibly fat! He just thinks he's a hoover and eats everything. He's the size of a small horse and still seems to think he's a lap dog.

You're going out with friends - describe your night

So we'll have a Chinese, lots of wine and shots. We'll have a few tunes on and until Mr. Saxobeat comes on we're all just sat chatting and as soon as that comes on me and Tom are up dancing. Karolina will have a strop just before we leave. At the club we are all dancing together but Karolina and Bart leave early and it's always me and Tom till the end of the night. We grab a kebab and then go back to Karolinas whilst vlogging the entire thing. That's prertty much every night out we go on.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is the sea, I’ve had a fear of the sea for as long as I can remember. I think it stemmed from my parents making me watch jaws when I was like 5. I genuinely freak out when I’m near the sea. I remember my dad pretending to throw me in the sea once and I fully cried and screamed. I am getting better though as I went in holiday a couple of years ago and managed to swim out to a boat which for me was a big accomplishment. I do want to try and get over my fear as there is so much I want to do sport and experience wise in the sea that at the minute I can’t do.

What is your biggest regret?

I don’t have any regrets. The way I look at it is at the time it happened it was exactly what I wanted and so why would I regret something that at the time I wanted? I think the only way I will improve myself and grow is to make mistakes and I’m completely okay with that.

Are you high maintenance?

Lol, yeah I can be. I’m very stubborn the majority of the time. I like to disagree with people and argue my point a lot. I’m glad Ryan sees the funny side of it though otherwise I think we would’ve had quite a few arguments by now.

Do you have any tattoos?

I currently have 5 tattoos but I’m planning on getting more. I have a whole Blog post on my tattoos and their meanings.

Would you ever consider living abroad?

Yes definitely, I know for certain I want to retire in Switzerland, preferably Lauterbrunnen, with a few dogs because it’s so stunning with mountain views and waterfalls etc. It just seems like such a quiet and tranquil place to retire. I’m travelling a lot and I always find new places I could live. I quite like the idea of living in a city, perhaps Paris or New York. I do want to live in a hotter country for definite.

What allergies do you have?

I was lactose intolerant when I was young. Every time my parents gave me milk I would scream the house down, it took them a couple of years to realise I was lactose intolerant but I presume I just grew out of it because I can drink milk now with no problem and eat ice cream etc so I think that was just something I suffered from as a child. Now I suffer quite badly from hay fever, I recently had my eyes swell up and had a lot of redness and spots around my eyes. I’m constantly sneezing too. Other than that, I don’t have any other allergies I know of.

What was the last thing you bought?

I bought myself an iPad on finance that I’m using to write this blog. I love it.

What would you name a daughter if you have one?

I actually have a list on my phone of baby names I like, probably a bit weird but I don’t want to forget them. My favourite name for a girl is Sienna-Lily, or Evelyn-Rose.

What would you name a son if you had one?

I find it so much harder to come up with boy names I like, but my favourites at the minute are Noah, Joseph and Elliot but its constantly changing because I can never decide.

What jobs have you had?

My first job was at Subway in the town centre where I live, I was there for about a year and then I quit to work for my dad but couldn’t grasp how to organise my time as it wasn’t shift work it was me managing my own time. That alongside college wasn’t good for me so I quit that after a couple of months and realised I had no other job. So I applied to a Subway again as I already had experience there and so it would be easier for me to get the job. I applied to a different franchise, round the corner from my house, and stayed there for about 2 years. After that, I moved to London and got a job as a receptionist at a Laser Hair Removal company. I love this job as it’s such a better pay than my previous and I literally sit down all day so it suits me to a T. Again, I have a whole blog post dedicated to why we moved to London, if you’re interested.

If you had time to do volunteer work what would you do?

I was actually considering doing one of those volunteer abroad trips you see a lot during my gap year but never got round to fundraising. I’d love to do something in Asia or Africa with animals such as an elephant sanctuary or something. I’d find that a lot more interesting. I have done fundraising in the past for shelter and Marie Curie.

What takes the biggest chunk of your pay check?

I actually save 50% of my pay check, split between two savings accounts. One for my travelling/branded clothing etc and the other for a house. I’m not a massive spender and can cut back when I need to. I think I’m pretty good at managing my money. The rest of my wage goes on bills and then it leaves me with a decent disposable income for the month that I can spend on whatever I like, mostly food.

What is something you’ve never done but would like to try?

Theres so many things I haven’t done yet that I’d like too, I think the biggest is travel, I always want to go to places I’ve never been to before. I really want to go on a trip to Disney too. Bungee jumping is on my list along with paragliding and scuba diving (once I’m over my fear of the sea). I’m quite a spontaneous person so I’m most likely up for anything.

Do you have any scars?

I have two scars, one under my lip and the other on my left arm. So, the one under my lip I got when I was about 7, I was riding my bike and ended up flipping over my handle bars and biting through my lip in the process. No one actually realised that I had done this for a while, they thought I was just crying because of the shock until I moved my mouth and there was a massive hole in my lip. I never got stitches just this super glue type thing and a plaster. The second scar I have was from a few months ago when a tray of bread dropped straight out of the oven onto my arm at work. I had to have it wrapped up for a good few months and couldn’t really move it. It’s fine now but I am quite self conscious about it as people tend to stare because it’s so big.

What is one thing you own, that you should probably get rid off, but just can’t? I’d probably have to say my blanket. I’ve had it since I was born and sleep with it every night, it’s so gross now as it has no filling and is just a rag basically but I love it and honestly struggle to sleep without it. I remember it was one week when we went to London and I forgot it and had to sleep with one of Ryan’s tops instead because I couldn’t sleep and almost made my mum post it to me!

Favourite takeaway?

Chinese all the way, I’ve got pretty much the same thing for years now. I've tried all the Chinese takeaways in Basingstoke, I have an addiction, it’s a problem.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, if there’s any specific questions you’d like me to answer in the next one, let me know!

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