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How To Create A Vision Board

So I’ve been creating a lot of vision boards recently whilst having nothing to do. A vision board is basically a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of what a person dreams about. It’s designed to be a source of inspiration and motivation to achieve these dreams. For example, it could include images of your dream job, perfect house, pets you want or quotes you want to live by. So I’ll show you step by step how I created mine.

1. Open PowerPoint/Word Document

I used PowerPoint for mine as I wanted the vision board to be the background on my iPad, but if you want it on your phone perhaps a word document will be a better option for you.

2. Open Pinterest

You can use any site such as tumblr or even just google images that you can download or screenshot. I prefer Pinterest though.

3. Think about what you want your life to look like

Think about aspects of your life and what you want it to look like in 5, 10 or 15 years time. What kind of house do you want? Are you married? If so what is your dress Or suit like? Do you have any pets? What holidays are you going on? Do you have any fitness goals? If so what do they look like?

4. Find images

Next step is to find images for each of these aspects of your life. Find images that resemble the answers to the questions above. For example, find an image of the type of house you like, what you want your wedding dress to be like or pets you want and download these onto your phone.The more images the better.

5. Insert the photos onto the PowerPoint or Word Document

You want to make the images quite small so that you can fit a lot on, try not to pick any with white borders round the edge as it’ll look like empty space. You want the photos to overlap slightly so that it give a kind of messy vibe. You can always click on the photo and either ‘Send to back’ or ’Move to front’ so that the image lays on top or behind the photo it is overlapping.

6. Continue with step 5

Continue with step 5 until your whole word document or PowerPoint is full with images that represent the way you want your life to look.

7. Affirmations (optional)

This step is optional, you don’t necessarily need any affirmations, I just personally like them in mine. Once the PowerPoint or Word Document is full, it’s time to go back onto Pinterest or equivalent to search for quotes or affirmations that you want to live by. These could be things such as ‘girl power‘ or ‘be happy’ etc. Anything that you want to keep in the front of your mind. Then you’ll do the same step as before and download the images and add them to your vision board. I usually pick about 4 affirmations or quotes so they stand out and it doesn’t look to overcrowded, but the choice is yours, you can make the vision board however you like.

8. Make it your background The last step is to screenshot your vision board and crop it so it looks like just an image. Set the vision board as your lock screen or print it out and frame it and put it somewhere you’ll always see it. This will hopefully give you some inspiration everyday and give you a lot of things to look forward to when you’re feeling a bit down.

You can create vision boards for anything you like, I’ve created one for my life in the future but I made it with a pink colour scheme to make it aesthetically pleasing. If you’re feeling creative you could do something similar, like a blue theme etc. Or a seasonal board for example what you want your summer or winter to look like. I’ll show you ones I made for inspiration below. If you do make one I’d love to see it!

Below is my vision board for the next year or so, I’ll talk you through it a little bit, so the Eiffel Tower, Windmill in the Netherlands, Disney Castle, Cappadocia, Venice canal and the bike in Amsterdam all represent places I want to travel to. The burberry jumper and Gucci logo represents the fact I want to splurge on a designer item soon. The clothing rail represent how I want to get into fashion some more and perhaps some YouTube clothing hauls in the future. And some affirmations that I want to live by and remember such as hustle, to keep working on my blog, YouTube and Instagram, ’dreaming’ to keep my mind active, come up with new ideas and motivate me to achieve my goals.

After I started creating some seasonal vision boards as shown below, Summer, Winter and Autumn. This is more of an aesthetic rather than inspiration however this is how I want my seasons to look.

I also showed my sister how to do one and she created her own vision board that I’ve included below as well and was challenged to create one for Ryan which I think I did a pretty decent job at.

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