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How To Pack A Carry On


This little piece of information will help you be able to pack just a single carry on for both short and long trips.

This works by picking out all the clothes you want to take with you, then half it, and half it again.


Do you really need 5 different outfits for a 2 night trip?


Can you re-wear the same outfits throughout your 2 week trip?


If you can't manage to half your things, then just wear the extra clothes you can't fit in your carry on. You can wear multiple tops and jumpers and coats and scarfs or whatever it is you need to bring but can't fit in you bag. You may be asked to take off your layers when going through security but just put them on again at the other end. If it saves you money, then so be it.

Vacuum bags

Another tip is to purchase vacuum bags. These are great as they free up loads of space within your carry on, so you are able to fit more in a small case. This means you will be able to take just a carry on for longer trips because you're able to fit so much more in them. To use these bags, simply place your clothes in them, seal the bag and then squeeze all the air out.

If you don't want to invest in vacuum bags, rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves a lot of space too. It also means your clothes don't crease whilst they are in your suitcase.

Fill every space

You need to fill every inch of space within your suitcase, this means stuffing socks and underwear into your shoes, if you're taking other bags within your suitcase, roll up tops and put them in here too. Make sure you use all the possible space!

Zip lock bags

Use zip lock bags to store all your loose items such as, phone cables, plug adaptors, accessories, headphones etc. Use the same ones as you would use to store your 100ml liquids in.

Go digital

This means having your boarding passes, maps or books on your phone. You can easily download maps off google maps for offline use nowadays and E-books are easy to download too! Every airline now offers you the chance to download your boarding passes to the wallet app on your phone, simply follow the instructions on your airline app (Easy jet or British Airways etc) to install the passes straight to your phone. Not only does this save space, it also saves time at the airport too.

Travel Checklist

I have created a little 'Travel Checklist' that you are able to download yourselves if you subscribe to my mailing list. Once you have subscribed you will be emailed a link that allows you to download this PDF. You can then print it off or just keep it on your phone so that each time you pack you know you haven't missed anything! It works for any gender too, just ignore things that don't apply to you!

Safe travels x

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