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How To Scratch The Travel Itch Without Travelling

As we all know there are many reasons as to why we aren’t able to travel this could be money, work or worldwide pandemic... but regardless of this there are many ways that you can scratch that travel itch without actually travelling.

1. Read books about travel

There are so many books that are written around travel, some examples are below.

  • Into the wild - Jon Krakauer

  • The Bucket List: 100 adventures big and small

  • Alices adventures In wonderland

  • Wanderlost - Jen Malone

2. Watch movies about travel

Similarly, there are so many movies and tv shows that include a bit of travel, here are some examples:

  • Mamma Mia

  • Mamma Mia: here we go again

  • Up

  • Journey to the centre of the earth

  • Wild

  • Eat Pray Love

  • Everest

Tv Series:

  • An idiot abroad

  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father

  • Our Planet

3. Start planning your next trip

There will come a time again when we are able to travel freely again, so why not be prepared and start planning a trip to take once this is all over. I’ll write a blog post on how I plan my trips which will hopefully help you plan yours. In the meantime here are a list of places that I would recommend:

  • Paris

  • Prague

  • New York City

  • Majorca

  • Rome

4. Watch Travel Vlogs

This is literally how I’ve been spending all my free time, I love watching travel vlogs for inspiration on where to travel to next. I’ve added a list of my favourite vloggers:

  • Emma Leger

  • Sophie Suchan

  • Nitsan Raiter

  • Marie Fe & Jake Snow

  • Haylsa & Kyle

  • Lost LeBlanc

I also have a couple of travel vlogs myself:

  • Kimberley-Ann Baxendale

5. Watch around the world live streams have many live streams from around the world from game reserves to cities such as New York and Dublin to meerkats in Miami and The bear cam at Brooks falls, Alaska.

This way you can visit so many different countries from the comfort of your sofa.

6. Food Why not take on the challenge of cooking different meals each day from different cultures all over the world. For example:

  • Spaghetti, Lasagne or Pizza to experience a slice of Italy

  • Tacos to experience Mexico

  • Swedish meatballs

  • Have a croissant for breakfast and a baguette for lunch to experience France

  • Have some Spanish Tapas

  • Sushi from Japan

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is home to so many travel photos from all over the world, create your very own bucket list using pinterest as your source of inspiration. You can use it to plan photos you want to take in the different places too.

I hope this blog has helped make that itch a little less itchy. Let me know what places you plan on travelling to when this is all over!

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