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How To Travel Cheap

I've had so many questions asking me how I manage to travel so frequently, so I decided to put together a blog simply to answer this question.

This is the one app I swear by and is the only place I book my holidays, whenever I get asked how I manage to find such cheap deals this is the app I will tell you to download. If you think you're unable to book any holidays or maybe only limited to one or two per year due to finances, I have the solution to all your problems.

Holiday Pirates

This website/app is one I swear by when booking my holidays. The amount of crazy cheap holidays they find every single day is insane. From holidays, flights , hotels and cruises, they have it all. They offer a range of holidays that I have seen as cheap as £50pp which includes your flight and hotel!! This is a fantastic app if you are not tied to travelling on specific dates. However, they do usually have the option to change the dates which could mean a price change. They are basically holidays that have been cancelled by someone and so they offer it cheaper to someone else, or simply hotels that would rather offer the room cheaper than let it go vacant. You can grab some brilliant bargains.

I recently went to Prague with my friend for 2 nights (18th - 20th June) using this app. We flew from London Stansted to Prague Ruzyne airport, 8AM - 10-55AM. This is a great time for a flight as you have the entire day to explore, it basically adds on an extra day to your trip. We flew back on the 20th at 17:10 - 18:10. Again this was another great flight that meant we had the full day in Prague before we flew back in the evening. These flights cost us £44.04pp. The hotel we stayed at was the Amigo City Centre hotel, which was in a great location and cost us £63pp and for the same nights if you booked through would have cost you £200!! We then added on a shuttle transfer, which actually turned out to be a private transfer for £19.50pp. All in all for a 2 night trip to Prague, the holiday cost us £127 each. Which is honestly incredible. If you went on a night out for 2 nights you could EASILY spend £127, but that could also get you 2 nights in Prague...I definitely know which I would pick!

I have also booked another through this app to New York for 5 nights in January, which altogether, including flights, 4 star hotel next to grand central station, baggage and seats, cost £600pp, of which £120 was seats on the plane and baggage, meaning the flights and hotel only cost £480 for 5 nights, which is very decent considering location and good flights (land morning, leave evening).

I honestly cannot stress enough how much you need to download this app and book your next holiday through it, you will not regret it.

Below I've added some screenshots from the app for you to see the variety of things they can offer, all prices are true at the time of posting them, please note that prices may vary when you view them on the app.

New deals are added every day so turn your notifications on to get updated every time the add one!

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