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My 2019 Goals

I thought I would share with you my goals for this year, it will, of course, include things I have already done this year, as we are already in June!

I find it easier to break my goals down into categories. This way I'm able to keep track of everything going on in my life and everything I hope to achieve. It is easier to focus on specific sections and break it down into my aspirations for each category. I keep these categories in a 'journal' where I have cut out images, for example, of places I want to visit throughout my lifetime and stuck them in a section labelled 'My Travel Vision Board', I do the same for Family and Emotional vision boards. This is a fun way to have everything you want to achieve in one place. However, you don't have to use a 'journal' I just preferred the idea of having something more creative that I could flick through. If this is not for you, you could have a designated album in your camera roll or a board on Pinterest for your bucket list/vision boards/goals.

Hopefully some of my bucket list ideas this year can inspire you to do the same!

These three things were on my bucket list at the start of this year but I have already completed. I thought I would include them, separate to the rest:

• Do a Skydive (check this out on my YouTube channel )

• Touch an Elephant

• Visit Paris

These next three things don't really fit into a category but are just general things I would like to do this year:

• Get a tattoo

• Ride a gondola

• Get over my fear of the sea

(a very irrational fear that started because my parents showed me Jaws at a very young age

and I've been afraid to go in the sea ever since)

My travel bucket list for this year is:

• Prague

• Venice

• A Christmas market in either Germany or Budapest, I haven't decided which yet.

My Career goals for this year are :

• To focus on my blog and increase the traffic to my website

• Try out different blog styles to understand which my audience prefers

• Get brand deals in order to build up my portfolio (there is some exciting news coming soon

about this, so stay tuned on my social media!)

You may be thinking that this is quite small for a list, however, I prefer it this way as there aren't too many things on my list that I cannot do them all in one year. This way, when I look back on my year I will, hopefully, have completed all if not the majority of the things on this list and will look back feeling fulfilled with my year. It stops me from feeling disappointed as I would if I had a longer list, as there would be too many things to do in the space of a year.

I do recommend having a bucket list or goals list as it gives you something to aspire to whether it's places you want to travel to, foods you want to try, people you want to meet, anything goes! It is your list and you can make it as fun and as exciting as you want it to be. The sense of achievement you get once you have completed something on your list is unreal and it definitely pushes you to complete more.

You may also be wondering why I haven't written about my 'Emotional vision board' and this is because it is very personal to me and I would like to keep this one private.

I hope you come away from this blog post feeling inspired to create your own bucket list. If you do create your own feel free to send it to me via social media if you would like, I would love to see what you guys come up with, some of your ideas may even make it onto my bucket list!

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