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My Tandem Skydive - Those Who Don't Jump Will Never Fly

I have wanted to do a skydive for quite a while but never seemed to get around to booking one. Until, GoSkydive launched a Facebook competition where all you had to do was mention in the comments, a friend you would like to skydive with. The lucky winner would win an entirely free skydive and 100 runners up would win two £50 vouchers one for you and your friend. I won one of the £50 vouchers and honestly, I was not expecting this at all, I'm one of the most unlucky people, I literally never win any competitions like this, I was shook! This made me realise that if I don't do it now I'm never going to get round to doing it ever, so impulsively, I booked it.

The few months between winning the competition and actually doing the jump came around so quickly and before I knew it family and friends were coming down all the way from Manchester to Salisbury to watch me jump. There was no way I could back out now!

Jump day!

Goskydive were incredibly well set up and organised with some of the best skydiving equipment around! (this was very reassuring for me) When you arrive, you go to check-in which is done on an iPad with your name and reference number that you are sent via email before-hand. You then have to sign any forms that you haven't completed at home and basically sign away your life...

Once you have completed the forms and you have been weighed, the lovely staff members will tell you to wait outside until you hear that they're ready for the next group to go into the induction. Friends and family are welcome to go in with you at this stage, so long as there is enough room. Here you will be told about how the day will pan out. You'll also watch videos regarding the jump and different camera options. I had, at this point, chosen to jump from 10,000ft with a free-fall photographer and videographer. Although, watching videos of people jumping from 15,000ft in the induction convinced me to upgrade my jump to 15,000ft, the highest altitude you can jump from in the UK. Crazy, I know. But, if you're gonna do it, you may as well do it properly ;) .

After the induction, you will go to pay for any extra camera or video you want for your jump, or to upgrade your jump like I did. I 110% recommend getting some form of photo or video evidence of your jump, if it is your first time skydiving. You have 3 different options, a free-fall photographer and videographer, an instructor hand cam with photos and videos or the 'totally epic' package which includes all the camera options available. You can see what the free-fall video is like on my YouTube:

or check out GoSkydive's YouTube channel for all the camera options available to you

Next you will have to wait for your name to be called, which means you are ready for training. You will be taken into a room where you will be given GoSkydive's overalls and be fitted with your harness. Which will look like this:

Once everyone in your group has finished being fitted you will be taken into the room next door for some training. This is where you will learn the important positions you will need to make at 3 stages of your jump. First, is when you're sitting on the edge of the plane, you need to keep your chin up and your legs back and be holding onto your harness. Then during your free-fall you will be told to keep your hand up and legs back like shown below and then for landing you need to hold your legs up so that your instructor can land you both safely.

The free-fall position

Once your instructor is happy you and your group have completed the training you will be taken out onto the field to meet your individual instructors and have your first interview if you have chosen a video camera package. When I met my instructor he told me he had done over 14,000 jumps and out of all of those only 6 had needed the reserve parachute. So for any of you doubting whether the skydive is safe, this reassured me and will hopefully reassure you! There is nothing to worry about.

Now, it's jump time. You will board the plane and take off up into the high heavens ;). The ascent usually takes about 10-15 minutes depending on your jump height. If you have chosen 10,000ft or 15,000ft you will be able to watch others jump out before you. Once you have reached your jump height and the instructor has harnessed you to him, you shuffle towards the door, and before you know it you're free-falling at 120mph towards the ground. For me personally, the initial jump out of the plane didn't get my stomach and the free-fall doesn't even feeling like you're falling. The wind pushing against you makes it feel like you're floating and it is such an amazing feeling. If you want to, your instructor can make you spin whilst you're falling and this is so much fun and one for all you adrenaline junkies out there. At 5,000ft your instructor will pull the parachute and it will feel as though you are being pulled up, you're not, you just slow down fast which gives you the feeling of being pulled. At this point, it will become silent and you can really take in the view, you can see the coast and possibly even stone henge if you're lucky! Similarly to before, if you're feeling confident you can ask your instructor to do some under canopy spins and even let you have a go yourself!

Once you have landed, those of you that have a video package will do your after-jump interview and then head back to base. You have completed the jump! You'll be taken out of your harness and overalls and receive a certificate for your jump.

For those of you that have the camera or video options, you should receive those on the same day. I got mine after about 30 minutes. So, super quick, by the time you get home you'll be able to relive the entire experience!


•It is VERY cold at your jump height, I did my skydive on the 6th May and at 15,000ft it was -15°C. Make sure you wear very thick gloves, I forgot and I definitely regretted that afterwards.

•Keep your chin up throughout your free-fall otherwise you're going to get a face full of wind and that isn't going to be very nice for you.

•Do not panic, you will be fine, just enjoy the moment. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hopefully I have explained in enough detail how your day will go if you choose to Skydive at GoSkydive, Salisbury. If you have any questions about skydiving, feel free to message me or the team at GoSkydive, we both will be happy to answer anything. Now... it's your turn!

I will leave links to my social media, email and GoSkydive's website at the bottom, but firstttt... PHOTOS!!!

Me meeting my instructor

In the plane




Skydiving goals

I survived!!!

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