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My Tattoo Stories

I've decided to take my blog in a new direction and include more lifestyle type blog posts. As much as I love travel, it’s hard to keep up with a travel blog when you're not constantly travelling.

So, I've decided to talk to you guys about the meaning behind my tattoos. Some are incredibly personal so I’ll only be explaining them briefly with specific details not included.

My first ever tattoo was a the small dove I got tattooed on my wrist. For me this bird identifies freedom, this is my most personal tattoo so I won’t talk about what made me want to get it, however, it is to remind me that I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. A bird is free to fly wherever they want, whenever they want and I have to remind myself that as long is it makes me happy I can go and do it and it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants me to do.

The second tattoo I got was the map of the world just below the inside of my elbow. As you all know through my blog, Instagram and YouTube, my biggest passion in life is travelling and exploring the world and I wanted something that represented this passion. My initial idea was a plane however, I wanted something slightly bigger than my first tattoo and the idea of a massive plane tattooed on me just didn’t seem right. I was scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration and came across a map of the world tattoo and decided that’s what I wanted to represent my love for travel.

The third tattoo I got was 3 dates on the back of my arm: 1969, 1971 and 2005. These are simply the dates of my immediate family members. 1961 was the year my dad was born, 1971 my mum and 2005 my sister.

Next, I got a matching tattoo with my friend Abbie. We got the sun and moon tattooed on our ankles. Unlike my other tattoos, this had no deeper meaning other than it’s matching with Abbi. I was worried about getting this tattoo because it had no specific meaning and I thought I would end up regretting it. However, this has come to be my favourite tattoo. So thanks to Abbi, for making me get it!

Finally, the last tattoo I got was two butterflies on the back of my neck which was a slightly different design to my others as I got this shaded slightly whereas the rest of my tattoos are line work. Again, this tattoo has similar meaning to my first one and stemmed from the same reason as the bird. However, it more so represents change and that you should embrace change the same way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

I personally prefer small, delicate tattoos on myself, however I may get a bigger one to cover the burn on my left arm. I do plan on getting more tattoos however I have so many ideas I can’t seem to pick one to get next. I’m currently liking floral patterns around the hip, or perhaps a moon and sun on my thigh. I also like little cherubs which perhaps I will get on my ankle or my inner bicep. I'm sure they will be posted on Instagram stories when I do get another!

I got all my tattoos done in Basingstoke at Black Goat Tattoo. I would definitely recommend them if you're wanting to get tattoos.

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