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My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

I'm constantly updating my bucket list, but here is a list of all the places I want to travel too. Obviously, if I can, I want to travel everywhere but these are probably my 'must-do's' before I die. I hope this inspires you to add some of these places to your bucket list!


•Bali Swing

•Bali gates

•Monkey Sanctuary

•Rice Fields

• Nusa Penida

•A-ling A-ling Waterfall


• Cherry blossoms

• Mount Fuji

• Fushimi Inari Taisha

• Osaka Castle


•Try traditional Chinese food

• The great wall of China

Sri Lanka

•Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary

• Nine arch bridge

5. Australia

• Sydney

• The Great Barrier Reef

• The Outback

• Hold a Koala

• See a Kangaroo


• Cape town - Penguin beach

• Namibia

• Kenya