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Things To Do In Johannesburg, South Africa

We visited Johannesburg in February 2019 and stayed with my Uncle who lives there. If you are to visit this country do not stay in the city centre as it can be incredibly dangerous, i'd suggest researching the safest places to stay and try not to walk to your destinations. Unfortunately, I cannot guide you on how to travel or where to stay as I don't know the country particularly well. However, this blog is jam-packed with places to go in Johannesburg to make your trip as thrilling and memorable as possible.

Johannesburg and South Africa are incredible. It is a once in a lifetime place to visit and if you get the chance...GO! You will experience things you would never before and it was honestly the best holiday of my life. There are no words to describe this country, so let me show you...

Glen Afric

Here you can go on a Safari and get up close and personal with the elephants there, you don't realise how big they are until you stand next to it and you're only the size of its leg.

It is also where the TV series 'Wild At Heart' was filmed.

Me stood next to an elephant

Not only do you get to see elephants here, but also lions, hyenas and much more. On our trip we got a bit too up close to the lions for my liking. We were going through the lion enclosure and there are two fences that you drive between, one of which the lions are behind. There was a tree with a branch that hung over the fence where the lions were and there was one lion sat on this tree eyeing us up as we drove past. As it was a big cat, we were all uneasy about this as it could have easily jumped over the fence it was kept and onto our truck.

The lion sat on the branch

We drove quickly round the corner to see the most beautiful lion I've ever seen,

The most beautiful lion

When suddenly we heard a massive snap... three lions had jumped onto the branch which caused it to snap and bring down the fence, at the same time, creating an escape route for the lions. This meant we couldn't turn around as it would give the lions a reason to climb out of their enclosure (food) and the truck would struggle to go forward as due to the heavy rain the ground was very muddy. In front of us was a very alert hyena that was only kept in its enclosure by barbed wire. Those of you who know a bit about hyenas, their jaw is very very strong and it could easily bite its way through this barbed wire. We were stuck between two animals that were incredibly hungry, unfortunately for us it was not feeding day... Luckily, we did get out safely and alive, but what an experience to have and on our first day too. Don't let this put you off visiting as it most likely won't happen to you. There's no branch there now...

Lion and Safari Park

This is another incredible place in Johannesburg where you can go on Safari's, feed giraffes up close and pet lion cubs. This was by far my favourite experience of our whole trip. It's not every day you get to pet lion cubs or feed giraffes!

My baby Simba

My baby Simba

More Simba's

On one of our Safari's here, one of the lions did want to play around a bit and scare us all...

Montecasino and bird park

This is a beautiful undercover complex with restaurants, shopping, cinema, theatre and a casino. It is beautifully designed as an Italian village.

The outside of Montecasino

The bird park is breathtaking too with a great bird show if you get a chance to watch it.

Montecasino bird park

Montecasino bird park

Bill Harrop's balloon safari

Whether you have never had a balloon ride or you balloon for a living, South Africa is the place to do it. With amazing sunrises and incredible mountain views, I highly recommend this balloon safari. Book this for the beginning of your trip as the weather is unpredictable sometimes and it may have to be rescheduled. It is so peaceful up in the air.

Our ride

Mum and I

Hopefully yours won't end with a crash landing, upside down, in a tree like ours did. Nothing went smoothly for us in SA but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mel and I upside down in a tree

Sun City

This is a couple of hours away from Johannesburg but if you have a few days spare definitely visit or in fact you could just holiday here there's that much to see and do. We went on a night-time safari, in Pilanesberg, which I wouldn't recommend for those of you who scare easy as you are constantly on edge when going round in the pitch black. Especially when you come across a family of rhinos on the side of the road and one charges toward your vehicle.

The valley of waves is great, you could spend a whole day here, with multiple slides, lazy rivers and a giant wave pool, there is fun for everyone. There's also a go ape that runs above the pools which is great fun too.

In the morning, you'll be visited by the monkeys that run free throughout the resort. Don't feed them. they'll never leave. Don't open your doors either or let them in they will wreck everything! Although, if you are tempted to feed them I wouldn't blame you... we did.

There's a crocodile part of the resort that holds A LOT of crocs! Definitely visit here they may even let you hold one like I did.

My pet croc

Aerial cable way

This has amazing views of the most gorgeous areas of South Africa.

Me, Uncle Dave and Uncle Cliff

Other photos from our trip

Safari time with Mum, Uncle Dave and Mel.

Dinner time with Cliff's out of this world chips

Montecasino bird park