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Things to do in Krakow

Krakow is a southern Poland city located near the Czechia border. It is known for its medieval history, its old town and Jewish quarter. It is full of history to indulge yourself in and has one of the best night life scenes on the continent! You'll never be lost for things to do here!

  • Old town

Krakow's old town is a big square located in the centre of Krakow with lots of market stalls, horse and carriage rides. There are plenty of landmarks purely located in this square such as the renaissance hall and St. Mary's basilica. It also has one of the liveliest night scenes on the continent.

  • Day trip to Auschwitz

A trip not for the faint-hearted but definitely a must do when you are in Poland. Prepare to take the full day exploring Auschwitz. There are many companies that offer guided tours in English, Spanish, French and German, I booked my tour through get your guide which included a pick up and drop off in Krakow for around £27 and lasted approx. 8 hours. You visit Auschwitz 1 and Birkeneau. The tour guides are very informative and definitely worth booking.

  • Wawel castle

In 1978, Wawel castle was declared the first world's heritage site as part of the historic centre of Krakow, in WWII the castle became the private residence for Nazi officials of the general government and is now open to the public. It has beautiful architecture and gorgeous grounds, definitely just wander round and see what you find!

  • Smok Wawelski

The statue of the legendary dragon of Krakow. Krakow is known to be the 'eye of the dragon' and throughout the old town you'll see lots of dragon souvenirs. Legend has it that there was a dragon that terrorised the people of Krakow many years ago and that no one could vanquish the beast until a young shoemaker outsmarted the dragon by stuffing an animal with sulphur and pitch and put it outside the dragons cave. When the dragon ate the animal it exploded and to celebrate this victory the people of Krakow created this sculpture. If you wait around long enough you'll catch the dragon breathing real fire.

  • Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter is about a 15 minute walk outside the centre of Krakow and is home to quirky street art, cafes and pubs and has its own vintage market. You can get lost wondering through the oldy worldy part of town and it'll definitely become your favourite part of Krakow.

  • Love Lock Bridge

Similar to the one in Paris, Krakow has its own love lock bridge. Perhaps you can lock in your love for your partner or your best friend on this bridge or like me just use it as a photo opportunity because you’re a single pringle solo traveller.

  • Traditional Polish Food

Polish food is the best delicacy you'll ever taste, its super super cheap and tastes so good too. The most common food is Zapiekanki which is basically half a baguette with pizza like toppings thay you can chose yourself and only costs between £2-£5.

Other recommendations I was given but never tried:

  • Salt mines

  • Energylandia

  • Rynek underground museum

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