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Things to do in New York

Statue of Liberty

We took a boat tour that visited all the highlights of NYC from the sea, it had an incredible view of the Statue of Liberty and I highly recommend the tour to anyone who doesn't fancy walking round Liberty Island for 3-5 hours.

Brooklyn Bridge

The most iconic bridge in New York is a definite must-see on your NYC trip, top tip though make sure you get there early if you want quiet photos as the bridge can get preety packed in peak hours!

Brooklyn heights

Here you will find the most beautiful brown stone houses, I loved it that much I'm considering moving here! (when I can afford it of course)


Again, with this spot you need to get here early to get a good view as it is packed with tourists the majority of the day, as you can see below. Here you can see the Manhattan bridge go between two buildings, it is quite spectacular!

Empire State Building

Prepare yourself for crazy strong winds at the top of the Empire State Building, but I can tell you from experience the winds are worth the view!

Top of the Rock

I would recommend visiting both the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock, however, do one of them during the day and the other at night. This way you get to experience the New York skyline at both times. I cannot decide which is prettier!

See the New York skyline

Experience this view from either the Empire State building or the Top of the Rock, each view is just as amazing as the other! You'll never see anything quite like it.

Walk round Central Park

I would plan a few hours of your day to just walk where your feet take you around central park, try not to plan what parts of the park you want to see, I guarantee you that you will find the most stunning scenery by just walking around the park

Visit Grand Central Station

I don't think there is any time of the day that you can visit this station without it being packed full of people. However, you still have to visit. Try and find the whispering wall if you can, it is such an odd but incredibly cool experience

Eat 99 cent pizza

I had to include at least one food based thing to do in New York and what other than the world famous 99 cent pizza you can find all over the city. I can honestly say your taste buds will love it!

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