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10 Ways To Motivate Yourself

I think everyone has days where they just can't be bothered (me more than others) , especially Mondays! During the next few weeks I think it's so important to keep yourself busy and active however that may be. I have a blog post called '50 Things To Do At Home' if you're struggling for inspiration. I understand though that sometimes you just can't be bothered to do anything, so this blog post is going to give you a number of different ways to motivate yourself.

1. Make a deal with yourself

This could be something so simple, for example: Once you've finished your assignment you can binge watch your favourite TV show. Or once I've done a workout, I can treat myself to a relaxing bath.

2. Fake it till you make it

If you aren't feeling motivated, usually the best way to get things done is to just do it. Pretend you're so enthusiastic about reading the next few chapters of your book or completing a workout and once you've started you'll just keep going. It's just that first initial step that is hard.

3. Gratitude

In the morning, just write down or think about a few things that you're grateful for these don't have to be huge things they could simply be, I am grateful for my cup of tea or coffee in the morning. It's all about starting your day with positive thoughts.

4. Plan your day

The night before write a list of things you want to achieve the next day. It doesn't have to be a lengthy list, the shorter the better as it'll be easier to stick to. I have found this incredibly good these past few days being isolated inside because I've found things to keep me busy and active such as my blogging challenge and tidying my room, clearing out things I don't use anymore, keeping active by joining in with workouts when I can.

5. Goals

This links to the previous points, perhaps set yourself a large goal and then smaller steps in order to achieve the bigger goal. Break things down and it won't seem so far out of reach anymore. It's easier to be motivated towards something you know is easy to achieve and doesn't require too much hard work.

6. Only compare yourself to yourself

Once you start comparing yourself to yourself rather than someone else you're always going to be improving. Different people are at different stages of things. For example, there is no point in me comparing my blog to someone else who has been blogging for years. This way I am simply competing with myself and always pushing myself to do better than feeling rubbish because I'm not as good as someone else.

7. Focus on the positives

Don't dwell on things you haven't achieved but rather focus on things you can achieve.

8. Don't be worried about failing

You've only ever failed if you give up. So long as you keep going you'll never fail only be put back slightly. Nothing comes easy in life, it takes hard work and dedication to get where you want to be and as long as you keep putting the effort in you'll get where you want to be. Consistency is key.

9. Find something that makes you happy

If you enjoy doing something, you'll find it a lot easier to motivate yourself to do it. Don't think of it as work but as a hobby and you'll do it so much more. If something isn't making you happy, why are you doing it?

10. Don't lose sight of the end goal

So long as you know the reason why you are doing something you'll continue to do it. For example: If you're aiming for you're dream body, keep reminding yourself of that goal, set it as the background on your phone so you're constantly reminded. If you're goal is to buy the house you've always wanted or your dream holiday destination, keep reminding yourself of this before you spend your money. Ask yourself, do I NEED this or do I just WANT it?

Hope this all helps you keep yourself motivated and not let yourself turn into a couch potato during these next few weeks. Its different to what we are used to but we can if you adapt you'll see the brighter side to the situation.

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