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We Moved To London! (And back again)

As most of my friends already know and probably most of you that follow me on social media, Ryan and I have moved to London for 6 months.

It was definitely a spur of the moment thing for me. Ryan had to move to London for his new career and when he invited me to go with him, how could I say no??

For me, this year, in between studies, was supposed to be my gap year where I wanted to get in as much travel as possible. I had a lot of plans to interrail Europe and possibly spend a couple of months in Australia using a working visa. At this time, those plans still stand however perhaps my gap year is going to extend slightly into another year, I’m definitely toying with the idea of turning it into a gap life at this point, just don’t tell my mum!! Obviously, I will still travel this year but for the time being and for definite the next 6 months I’m more interested in exploring more of the UK as I feel theres so much to do even on your own doorstep. What better place to explore than London. So that is the plan.

When Ryan and I decided I was going to come to London with him, I was in New York and within the week I came back home I had handed in my notice at my previous job and set a leaving date of the 21st of Feb. This decision was definitely one I didn’t have to consider because I apparently have an issue where I can’t say no to new adventures like this. Although Ryan moved on the Sunday, I didn’t join him until the Tuesday due to other commitments at home.

I left it a bit late applying to jobs, so for the first week I moved here I didn’t have a job and basically spent the day in the hotel room which was a nice break but definitely boring. However, the first job I applied to suited me perfectly as it was advertised as a 6 month contract, full time as a receptionist at a laser hair removal clinic. I got the job and started Monday.

My work is so nice compared to Subway that I was working at previously. I answer phone calls, emails and Facebook/Instagram messages. I also take on more of an admin role such as putting together job ads, sitting in on interviews, preparing invoices and receipts, along with plenty more that is all new to me. The managers are lovely, I couldn’t ask for better people to work with. A bonus is that the pay is great as the London wage is higher than back home.

Orgianally, we were moving to Hendon, North London as that was close to Ryan’s new job. However, on his second day they moved him down to Hammersmith without prior warning so my job went from a 20 minute walk away from where we were staying to an hour tube commute. which was a pain as my day is now from 8:45am till 8pm when I finally get home but it’s not so bad now I’ve settled into it and it’s only for 7 weeks and then we move back to Hendon.

For the moment we are staying in a travelodge, which works for us but isn’t perfect as there was no way of cooking meals and we had to eat out or get food delivered for the first week which became expensive. So, for the second week we bought ourselves a microwave which bought down the cost of meals for us as now we can have microwave meals and all sorts.

I‘m loving my job and living in London with the city lifestyle, I’m not sure at this time what I plan to do after the 6 months. I’m considering moving out either around my hometown or maybe closer to this job so I can continue with it and progress further but at the minute it’s early days and I’m incredibly indecisive. I’m definitely going to turn this into a blog series for you guys where I can update you perhaps fortnightly or monthly on what I have been up to in London, tips of successfully mastering the city lifestyle and so many more ideas I can’t wait to write about.

Unfortunately, we did have to move back home for the foreseeable future due to everything going on at the moment. We will be moving back to London, hopefully on the 27th April, if all goes well.

If there’s anything you’d like me to write about whilst I’m here please let me know because as much as this is my place for me to express myself, you guys are the ones reading it and I’d love to know what you’re interested in reading!

See you in the next London blog!

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